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Better Life Attitudes

For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.

Matthew 18:11


The Pastors, Elders and the entire membership and friends of the Ruimveldt Life Improvement Centre A.O.G welcomes you to the Church’s official website.


You have taken a step into the joyous experience of encountering the effervescent power of God.  Our presence on the World Wide Web is to interact with and to evangelize the global village.


The Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19-20 (NIV Version) admonishes us to “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…”  This website is just another tool to accomplish this feat.


Our desire is that the Lord bless you all beyond measure and may today mark the beginning of your personal experience with God.





Ruimveldt Life Improvement Initiative


Ruimveldt Life Improvement Initiative



Graduation 2014

The Ruimveldt Life Improvement Initiatives (RLII 700) funded by the European Union (EU), is proud to announce its involvement in the lives of over 50 students, who are now graduates. The students were involved in three different programs offered: Cookery, Sewing and Videography training. Most of the students came from the Rumiveldt and were elated to share their testimonies of what the prior weeks of training did for them.


12th December 2014


700 Project

The Ruimveldt Life Improvement Centre (RLIC) is a non-governmental organisation, emerging from the East Ruimveldt Assembly of God Church in Georgetown, Guyana. The mission of the organisation is to contribute to the improvement of the lives and welfare of persons in the community.

As such, the RLIC's construction of a Multipurpose Business Centre is part of our vision to empower and equip youth, women, and unemployed residents with the relevant abilities to enhance their entrepreneurial and developmental capabilities. We intend to achieve this through the acquisition of the requisite tools, equipment, materials and technical expertise to provide training and services in the areas of barbering, beauty care, video-graphics and pastries and cakes making.